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Christina Dykes has made a career of understanding the politics of the centre right. She has an incisive understanding of the values and people behind Conservative Party politics as well as the democratic process itself. She specialises in developing political leadership at the sharp end of everyday politics with those in power and those wanting to take it.

Her direct experience spans many years working as a political insider and includes working with leading politicians both in Government and Opposition, in central Government and in Local Government, with the Conservative Party at local level and with Conservative Campaign Headquarters. She is a leading authority on what constitutes good political leadership and she specialises in encouraging and developing political talent. Christina is an accredited political coach by the Tavistock Institute. She aims to bring together  her extensive knowledge of the political process and the discipline of coaching.

Christina offers specialist knowledge on the following:

  • * Ongoing political coaching for political leaders
  • * Professional development plans for councillors or those interested in a democratic career
  • * Specialised knowledge on social cohesion
  • * In-depth knowledge on matters of diversity

You can read more about Christina here.

You can read Christina’s most recent articles and publications here and contact her by using the form on this page. Christina also has a nerine named for her, which you can read about here.

This website serves as both a hub for Christina’s activities, and also a point of contact for her. Please take time to explore the links available.

At present…

  • * Christina is Senior Advisor to the Rt. Hon Dominic Grieve QC MP, the Attorney General.
  • * Responsible for the Conservative strand of a major inquiry into the effects of localism and Big Society on the role of councillors.
  • * Directing the sixth year of the Local Government Associations Next Generation programme (Conservative cohort).
  • * Coaching leading local government councillors.
  • * An Associate to the Institute for Government.