Tomorrow’s Councillors – Walking Tall

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Click here to read a new report, co-authored by Christina and Paul Scully, Tomorrow’s Councillors – Walking Tall.


Christina added to board of Revolving Doors Agency

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Christina has been added to the board of the Revolving Doors Agency. You can read more here.


Christina featured in two Institute for Government publications

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Christina is features in two recent Institute for Government publications: Who Chose the Sheriff? Finding quality candidates for the police and crime commissioner elections. Party People: How should the political parties select their Parliamentary Candidates?


Big Shot or Long Shot?

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Christina was thanked in the acknowledgements of the recent Institute for Government / Centre for Cities report, Big Shot of Long Shot? How elected mayors can help drive economic growth in England’s cities. You can download the full report here.


All-Women Shortlists break all notions of fairness

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I am against all women short lists (AWSL). I find them anachronistic. Any positive discrimination on the one hand is negative discrimination on the other. Evidence suggests that AWSL do not work in the long run. Research into the use of positive discrimination strategies in the work place suggests that these help to maintain perceptions […]


Professional development will help them to help us

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Posted on ConservativeHome, Thursday 16 July 2009 It was Albert Einstein who said “Politics is more difficult than physics”. Generally people do not think of politics as being difficult – instead words such as scurrilous, dirty, gravy train, snouts in the trough or similar images spring to mind. With the sort of reputation politics and politicians […]


Inside Cameron’s Conservatives

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Christina was listed in Conservative Intelligence book Inside Cameron’s Conservatives (edited by Tim Montgomerie and Jonathan Isaby) in the category of key to Leading Shadow Cabinet members advisers. The thumbnail sketch was: CHRISTINA DYKES Special adviser to Dominic Grieve QC MP on community cohesion since 2003, Lead Conservative Special Adviser of the Leadership Centre for […]


A Conservative Local Government response to the recession

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An Overview to the booklet: Rising to the Challenge: A Conservative Local Government response to the recession Published by the leadership centre for Local government June 2009 Let’s leave it to an expert commentator. According to Daniel Finklestein, Chief Leader writer of the Times this country is “insolvent. Out of money. Financially embarrassed. Strapped. Cleaned […]


It Is Not Only What But How

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Published in localis, May 2009 People are cottoning on. There is a renewed interest in the use of language in politics. The fact that President Sarkozy’s has started to us the informal “tu” in his speeches was deemed to be so remarkable that there was not only a report about it in the Times but […]


Is Local Government a Luxury?

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Christina was published in the Public Management and Policy Association Review, March 2009. You can download the whole magazine (Christina’s article is page14) here.

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