Christina has been a political in-sider for many years. She offers:


On-going professional development for political, public services charity leaders.
Facilitation and/or mediation for public sector organisations.
Specialised knowledge on community cohesion.
Awareness and knowledge of the political process.

Christina’s vision

‘Christina believes that politicians are failing British electors. Conservative politicians need better preparation, greater diversity and on-going coaching if they are to deliver creditable leadership in the public space’.

‘Christina has always taken her role as a Trustee seriously and in addition has gone the extra mile to offer freely her experience and skills to...
I have worked with Christina for 8 years. We do not always agree, but that is the value of her work - she challenges.
Christina gave generously of her time for four years as one of the Society’s Governors, and we remain very grateful for it. We benefitted enormously...
Christina’s work in local government supporting local leadership has been innovative and constructive. Without good political leadership council...
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Political Advisor