Feedback from friends, colleagues and clients . . .

‘Christina has always taken her role as a Trustee seriously and in addition has gone the extra mile to offer freely her experience and skills to help our team develop.  We shall miss her.’ 

I first came across Christina when I was a cabinet member in local government and I was pleased when I became Leader of Barnet that I was able to support her work with the Conservative Next Generation programme’.

I have worked with Christina for 8 years. We do not always agree, but that is the value of her work - she challenges.

When I was a Prospective Conservative Candidate Christina was there for me: she continues to be a friend in politics which I value’.

Christina gave generously of her time for four years as one of the Society’s Governors, and we remain very grateful for it. We benefitted enormously from her deep practical knowledge of politics, local government and leadership. Her contributions were invaluable in broadening our thinking and improving our work with political leaders at every level.’

As we walked out of the conference centre we reminisced about some of the characters we had known from the course (Next Generation), who had achieved what and who was still in the local government world.  She can be very proud of the work she had done and that a couple of hundred or so of councillors are significantly more effective as Conservative councillors that they would be without her efforts’.

Christina’s work in local government supporting local leadership has been innovative and constructive.  Without good political leadership council leaders are unable to meet the undoubted challenges ahead of them.  It is good to know that Christina has worked hard to support them in this endeavour’.

Even in this day and age women in politics have a hard fight to win support and approval.  Christina has provided coaching an mentoring skills for many women to encourage them into politics.  I hope she continues to do so’.

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