As a Leadership Centre Adviser 2004-12 Christina conducted in-depth support projects in the following local government councils:

  • Oxfordshire 2011, investigated Big Society and localism and their impact on councillors and officers’ roles;
  • In Bexley she coached cabinet members;
  • Havering 2007-11, she scoped the political capacity of the cabinet, coached cabinet members, and advised on a community leadership strategy;
  • Brighton and Hove 2007-2010, advised on top team working and coached the Leader;
  • Hounslow 2005-8, she helped develop the cabinet’s political vision, top team working and coached the Leader;
  • East Sussex  2007-8, she encouraged a defined meaning of ‘community leadership’ and scoped the county and districts relationship;
  • Isle of Wight 2007-8, coached Leader;
  • Barnet 2004-5, she advised on top team working and personal development of cabinet members.


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