Professional development

On-going professional development for political, public services charity leaders: this would include a day (or more) scoping on which development sessions are then based in discussion with the relevant people.


Facilitation and/or mediation for public sector organisations

Facilitation and/or mediation for public sector organisations developing or contemplating new ways of working together.


Specialised knowledge on community cohesion.

Christina believes diverse teams are the best teams. She has many years experience of bringing communities and people together and she offers her knowledge base to those who would like to develop and encourage a more diverse approach to team building.

Awareness and knowledge of the political process.

Christina has spent many years navigating the Conservative Party and she offers this and her knowledge of Parliamentary process and local government to those, such a prospective political candidates, who would like to know more about it.

Voluntary Work

Outside the political field Christina offers coaching and support on a voluntary basis to young people who face the prospects of a work career with no certainty as to where they could use their talents. She has also voluntary supported development sessions to the management of Revolving Doors Agency. In 2017 Christina contributed to the Royal Yacht Squadron history weekend with a lecture on Sir Philip Hunloke, The Kings Sailing Master.

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